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Elf letter, swedish vol 3 Elf letter, swedish vol 3

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Elf letter, swedish vol 3

An Advent calendar for the little ones

A complete package for those who want to play with the kids at Christmas. This package contains the 24 assignment from Elf that the children will perform. One for every day right up to Christmas Eve. On December 1, a move-in letter will be posted in front of Elf's door (in sweden Nisse) and December 24, a move-out letter will be posted. There are 3 break cards that you can use when you don't have time to activate Elf. Then there is also 24 assignments available on a supplied sheet. The children should not see the assignments as you arrange them. It's important that the children believes it's Elf who arrange them while they were asleep or not at home.

  • 24 assignment for kids to do
  • 3 break cards
  • 1 moving in letter
  • 1 moving out letter
  • 1 instruction for the package
  • Swedish version